27 Mar

I’ve had a nice couple of days off with the family.  I probably should not be blogging on vacation but I’ve got issues.

IN THE NEWS: Would you stomp on the name of Jesus?  What if your college professor told you to do this?  It happened not far from here.  One of the many reasons I Peter is such an important book.  Fortunately, we still live in a country where most have not bowed their heads to Baal. Here is today’s article

STAYING RELEVANT: A great piece on Christianity and Facebook.

BREAD CRUMBS: Missed the Sunday cut.  Speaking of Christians being foreigners and aliens in this world:  As foreigners we are to obey the laws of the land, but as believers we will go beyond human laws and obey God’s laws.  God’s laws and standards stress perfect behavior plus love, and there is no greater law than love.  Therefore, Christians are to abstain from the passions of fleshly desires because such passions are of the world, and we have no right to partake of those fleshly lusts.

This week: “Where is the Lamb?” (I Pet. 1:17-21)

USELESS FACTS: The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. I’m trying to break the three minute nap this week.

FYI: Things I enjoy doing on vacation – nothing!  My favorite things involve little stress, few people (or crowds), and no real plans.

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